Why A Vacation To Georgia Should Be In Your Travel Plans

There are three specific places that you should go when you visit the state of Georgia. Each of these is in a different city. There are many reasons for going these tourist attractions. Part of the reason is that they are extremely popular. You might be visiting friends and family in one particular city, but you really should take the time to go to these destinations. It will only take you a day to do each one, and then you can go about the rest of your vacation, knowing that you have seen some of the best things in Georgia.

The Georgia Aquarium

Although this might be hard to believe, this particular aquarium is the largest one in the Western Hemisphere. It is absolutely astounding. Located on Baker Street, in the city of Atlanta, you can see incredible fish, research, and information about conservation. There are 100,000 animals at this location, representing thousands of different species, contained within millions of gallons of water. It is an astounding site, and it is highly recommended if you have children that you bring them there first. They will be an absolute awe and amazement of what they will see, and will remember at the rest of their life.

The Walking Dead Private Film Location Tour

If you are a fan of this TV show, then this is the one tour that you should go on. It is going to be very memorable for you. You get to go to the many different destinations where the filming has been done so that you can feel like you are part of this post-apocalyptic television show. To actually go to these locations is a dream come true for people that are absolute fanatics about this show which has millions of followers. You should book this early because it does fill up, and definitely travel during the spring, summer and fall if you want to see this in good weather.

Savannah Food Tour of the Historic District by Bus

From Atlanta, you should travel East all the way to Savannah. Although they do have many tours that will allow you to do sightseeing, or go to haunted locations, it is the food tour that should be at the top of your list. You will get to sample some of the best eateries in the Savannah area, including one that is representative of the famous Paula Deen. You can try fried green tomatoes, southern barbecue meat, and many other dishes that are well known in the city.

By visiting these three tourist attractions, you will understand why many people come to the state of Georgia. Although you are only traveling to a couple of the largest cities, these incredible attractions will make your stay worthwhile.