WOW House: Massive Atlanta ‘Compound’ Is $14.7 Million

ATLANTA, GA — There’s your typical "WOW!" House and, then, there’s this week’s entry for Atlanta. Checking in at a sprawling 36,000 square feet, this home (no address provided) is truly built for someone looking to establish their own, real-world compound.

Built in 2010, it’s got a whopping eight bedrooms and nine full and six half-baths. Its sellers bill it as an "extraordinary presidential compound — one of the world’s safest homes" and a global security expert helped plan it.

It has its own self-sustaining water and power supply, a gun range, a command center and its own geothermal heating and cooling systems. But it’s not all business. Not by a long shot.

This mansion has a vault that can hold 30 cars, an art gallery, three kitchens, an infinity pool, a bowling alley, a game room and two commercial-grade elevators. Throw in the solarium, spa, theater and wine cellar and to call this home one-of-a-kind is an understatement.

It is for sale, with personalization options still available, for a princely $14.7 million.

Price: $14,700,000 Square Feet: 36000 Bedrooms: 8 Bathrooms: 9 Full and 6 Half Baths Built: 2010 Features: Extraordinary Presidential Compound-One of the World’s Safest Homes for Life & Personal Property. Modern Fortress w/ Commanding Views Designed & Fortified to "Live to Die Another Day" standards by Global Security Expert Al Corbi. Self-Sustaining Water&Power Supply, 30 Capacity Car Vault, Art Museum, 3 Kitchens incl. Catering&Summer. Infinity Pool, Bowling Alley, Gun Range, Game Room, Solarium, Spa, Theater, Wine Cellar & Room, Vault, Command Center, 2 Commercial Elevators, Geothermal Systems- Some photos representative-Property purposefully awaits final personalization.

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